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Fusion PWAN Setup
Fusion Broadband PWAN SD-WAN solution - Private Network/MPLS alternative between all sites.
Includes customised QoS between sites and to the outer Internet (if needed), Data Compression for up to 4 x throughput increases, advanced security features AES128/256 or SALSA20 256 ciphers.
Each site in your PWAN requires a Fusion PWAN Node service (ordered separately). An unlimited number of PWAN Nodes can be connected to a Fusion PWAN service. Available with a single Internet gateway for all nodes of site based gateways. Unlimited data everywhere.
$500 initial setup fee. PWAN Node fees from $130 per site.
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PWAN node
PWAN Node (Site based CPE) for the Fusion Private WAN can connect from one to five lines (using Fusion Bonding for two or more lines). Unlimited download data included on all PWAN Nodes. Options include Compression, TCP Acceleration, QoS and 4G USB failover. Utilise the Fusion Edge200 Node or upgrade to Rack Mount Node for 4 or more bonded lines.
PWAN Nodes require the Fusion Private WAN Setup (ordered separately).