InsiteSJC have enjoyed a number of years serviced by Fusion Broadband. We have had 3 ADSL services from 2 different providers bonded to supply one seamless Internet connection to our systems which has provided Internet speed and bandwidth far beyond what was previously available.

This has enabled confident use of cloud technologies for financial and job management and document management for about 15 users. Fusion Broadband have always provided prompt reliable service. The web console provides a myriad of useful information and bonding controls and the live chat is an invaluable means of communication and accessing prompt technical support.

Trent Lester
Surveyor/Partner, InsiteSJC

I would like to thank you for services and support that you and team at Fusion Broadband have provided us within last few years.

We see Fusion Broadband as innovative company, providing great customer support and quality service. The technology and bonding solution you provided helped us overcome limitations of services provided in our area and allowed our growth to continue with minimum impact on our operations.

I wish you all the best for future and more happy customers to come on board.

Pavel Chmelar
IT Manager Unique Health Products

Just over 3 years ago I took over the management of Crosslands Youth & Convention Centre, situated in the middle of the Berowra National Park, Sydney, which means our Land Line has to come quite some kilometres through the bush. Unfortunately this means constant line problems, if it’s not a tree falling on the line its lightning blowing it up and/or our Modems.

On arrival here, the Internet speed on a good day was 0.5Mbps (that’s Point 5, not 5) which meant if you wanted to view anything on the Internet you clicked to open the page, then went and baked a cake. It was extremely frustrating trying to operate a business with pathetic Internet speed like that.

We already had two ADSL services (one just for a backup). After battling with our Internet issues, wasting literally hundreds of unproductive hours, I was made aware of a company that could possibly help. Not only did Fusion Broadband bond our two lines to double the speed, they worked some other wizardry to improve our Internet to the point where we could even stream videos (impossible previously).

As mentioned above, we often experienced line problems which necessitated calling Fusion Broadband for assistance which was always a pleasant experience because unlike other service providers you instantly spoke directly to help (no waiting on hold for eternity then trying to converse with someone whose first language is not English). Fusion Broadband served us in such a friendly and professional manner, nothing seemed to be a problem. On one occasion they even helped the Telstra technician resolve a problem.

Therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend Fusion Broadband to anyone needing to improve their Internet service.  Thanks guys.

Bruce Hill
Manager Crosslands Youth and Convention Centre

Bonded Internet was our plan-B. It should have been our plan-A!
The Fusion Broadband Bonded Internet service is very cost effective, functions exactly as advertised (if not better) and is typically provisioned very quickly (we were up and running within two weeks).
You’d think a bonded service like this would be flaky and buggy, but Bonded Internet is robust and thorough.

Ryhs Andrews
IT Administrator, Wycliffe Christian School

The Fusion Broadband bonder was great – super easy to set up. It “just works” and the reporting was excellent. It really got us out of a lot of trouble there for a few months. Thanks again.

Jurgen Schaub
Senior Manager Information and Systems Berry Street

We deployed bonded ADSL about two months ago. Fusion Broadband had great attention to the detail for a seamless changeover. Since then we have experienced 10 times download and 5 times upload speeds, more than promised thanks to compression. Combined with NO failover time this is an outstanding service. We won’t ever look back.

We use a web based program internally. Our fast internet has made ‘working’ more pleasurable than ever!

Caleb Dunn
Sales Consultant, Progress Printing

I am a happy Fusion Broadband customer almost before becoming one! And now that my service is up and running, I have nothing but awesome things to say; and not only for the actual internet speed (which is more than promised/expected), but also for the amazing customer service, care and attention Fusion Broadband have demonstrated. Keep it up!

Jonatan Jardi
Senior Technical Consultant, ServiceNow

The event (Mandurah Crab Fest 2014) was a great success due to the fantastic commitment to service that the Fusion Broadband team gave us from the very beginning

The event promoters were pleased as this was the first time the event was able to be broadcast in High Definition and they will definitely be using Fusion Broadband for next years event.

Kamie Ang
Managing Director, TSG

We noticed the results immediately! We arrived in the morning as usual and as we all logged in, the Internet didn’t slow down as usual. We were all online and everything we do is now faster.

Ben White
Ben White, Harcourts Dee Why

The equipment arrived at the office ready for deployment. We focused on upgrading the topology and then plugged the Fusion Broadband hardware in – it worked straight away…problem solved!!!

Leo Iribarren
Northern Beaches IT Services Senior Consultant

Fusion Broadband bonding service is perfect for schools. We have installed it at both Nowra and Shoalhaven and haven’t looked back. It fits the budget and works. Once the NBN hits our front lawn we will still use it for redundancy and aggregation; but until then we will be happy knowing we have the fastest speed we can possibly get in our area.

Andrew Warfield
ICT Manager and Systems Administrator, Nowra Anglican College

We are very pleased with Fusion Broadband and the service they have delivered. Their solution identified with our needs, providing an effective ADSL bonding solution without the complexities of comparative products. In terms of RDP, our Malaga site uses it to access our ERP and CRM systems. Can definitely attest to an enhanced user experience ever since implementing bonding.

Arif Good
Senior Network Administrator, Neptune Asset Integrity Services