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Fusion Broadband offers a broadband bonding service that requires a device installed at your premises. Currently we offer two bonding platforms; Fusion Bonded Premium and Fusion MiniBonder – each can be configured in any format, but generally we send the device that will suit your connection needs (determined by the number of lines you will be bonding).

Each platform offers the same bonding technology with the only minor difference being the number of lines each device can bond as well as the option to bond 4G (as a full bonded line, failover or for Upload only – see Bonded Hybrid)

Bonded Premium can bond any number of lines whereas the MiniBonder can bond three – all Bonders have the option of a USB 4G failover. The setup fees vary but generally speaking the monthly bonding fees remain the same.  Or, if it is just Failover you need…look at our NBN Failover service.

Fusion Bonded Hybrid is also an option for those wanting to bond 3/4G with an ADSL service to boost their uplink speed.

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